Great Intentions Volume I: Cook more…

IMG_6628I have a whole cupboard of beautiful cookbooks. It’s a dark and cavernous cupboard and they sit wedged against the Kitchenaid mixer, occasionally receiving a light shower of soy sauce or a sprinkle of Chinese five spice from the shelf above.  I often extract one to browse through with a glass of wine on the kitchen sofa, but all too rarely do I actually COOK anything.  I have no idea why this is, so one of my resolutions for 2018 was to work my way through some of them and bring a few of the delicious recipes into being (not quite as intensively as Julie and Julia, but you get the drift).


Nigella and Nigel, Katie and Keller, Delia and Julia Child; all are part of my self-improvement plan for 2018, starting with the basics and working my way up…

  My first creative project though was simply to find a way of putting the books on display, to remind me of my great intentions and also make them easier to flick through and annotate; welcome to my new kitchen gallery shelves!

IMG_7030I found these lovely oak picture ledge shelves online (but try etsy, Ikea and other home stores for lots of alternatives), and then we cut them to size to fit in an unused alcove between the kitchen units and the back door…

IMG_7018IMG_6994 (even Harry is inspired; he ate his cornflakes on the floor this morning whilst flicking through The Silver Spoon for Children (still in his beloved Christmas reindeer pjs).

And now the weekend is almost upon us and the food shopping done; no excuse not to start the actual cooking!


p.s. In my next life I will own a small bookshop dedicated entirely to cookery books.  It will be called Mis En Place and I will spend my days floating around the store, arranging books artfully and perusing new titles.  Armchairs will abound in nooks and crannies.

Have a lovely one, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

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The threading itself is a soothing pastime; a …
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