It’s been 6 months since I started blogging, as a result of a drunken New Year’s Resolution to really do something creative this year, which had to complement rather than add to my already deliciously chaotic life.  And so this blog was born, and what an experience it’s been so far; from having my first follower sign up in January (someone I didn’t even know! The shock and awe of it.. who was this exciting person?), to the highs of having thrilling little flurries of ‘likes’ and comments when I post, and coming across kindred souls the world over.  A whole new community and world has opened up, and it’s a very lovely – and inspiring – thing.

My battered notebook in which I document ideas and plans for the blog (above) is now stuffed with clippings and scribblings, and accompanies me pretty much everywhere.  Harry, for his part, loves sitting on my lap and looking back at the things we’ve done as I scroll through the blog and show him our photos.  At 2 and a half, he has the innate narcissism of all toddlers and there is nothing finer than time spent with a cupcake and a glass of milk, watching pictures of himself and commenting on their greatness (‘I sooo funny Mummy!’.)

From being something of a luddite where web technology is concerned, I’ve come to understand a little more about how sites work and how to take good photos, though I still have masses to learn.  Stumbling across other blogs has been an eye-opener and given me great food for thought about design, layout and content.  With that in mind the more astute regular visitors will notice something of a facelift this weekend, to a cleaner, more graphic and simple site that I think is also easier to navigate.  One of the absolute best things in recent months has been people getting in touch about the projects they themselves have tried out from my blog, so with that in mind I’ve also separated out some of the most popular into a ‘Tutorials’ tab on the home page.

I’ll be posting again later in the week with my latest furniture makeover project – a seasonal play BBQ/grill that Harry is even now pressure-testing by flinging mini play kebabs, piece by piece, across the garden (it’ll make sense when I show you the pics, I promise…), but in the meantime I’d love to know your thoughts on what you’d like to see more of, less of, or how you’d improve the site – all feedback gratefully received!  Whilst a blog is in one sense a sort of personal diary, it’s also of course a great conduit for ideas, projects and sharing, and your support, feedback, and reaction has been amazing; so please tell me, particularly if you’re a regular, what’s working for you and what’s not…

See you later in the week; have a great and relaxing end to the weekend!

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