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My last post for a little while, as the year draws to a close and the number of sleeps ’till Christmas can be counted, somewhat feverishly, on one very small hand.  Our home, for once, is lightly covered in icing sugar rather than builders’ dust, and stockings are being shaken out ready to be hung in the hearth. Guests are arriving, menus are planned and champagne is chilling.  Christmas-Day-clothes are waiting on hangers, but close by too are the slippers, robes and soft pyjamas we’ll sink into each day as dusk falls and the fire beckons.

Before I sign off though, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has followed me since I began in late January, and for the constant encouragement, humour, comments, questions and general loveliness that have made this, for me, an extraordinary and wonderful experience.  I never quite believed when I began that anyone would actually try some of the projects I’ve described, or that a continual flurry of like-minded souls around the world would declare themselves and check in, week after week, till virtual friendships grew over shared experiences.  The comments you’ve left have brightened dull days, provided the impetus to continue, and – frequently – made me laugh aloud.

Have yourself the most wonderful of Christmases, wherever you are and whomever you are with; here’s to a great year in 2013, and a hefty dose of loved-ones and joyfulness until then.

Thank you again from a weary but jubilant

Kate and Harry x


end of year hall

end of year ducks

end of year window

end of year dinner voucher

end of year stocking stuffers

end of year reindeer cupcakes

end of year placemats

end of year santa hats

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