Mistletoe from KatesCreativeSpace

Christmas is nearly here at last, and it’s time to retreat into the warm, unplug the computer and batten down the hatches for some uninterrupted family time and festive cheer. (I say warm; our ancient boiler has this morning decided to break down in a loud puff of festive exhaustion, so we are wrapped en famille in scarves and hats in bed, it being just two degrees outside; the British Gas man will be greeted with the same feverish anticipation that children everywhere are saving for Santa Claus…)
Before I sign off though, a huge and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of you who have followed the blog over this year; for your comments, feedback, ideas and suggestions, which have created a wonderful community and have been a source of great inspiration and energy. Your reactions to some of the crafts I’ve posted have been amazing to receive, and whilst I tend not to wade into the comments sections and thank each and every one of you, times like now are the perfect opportunity to do so, and to tell you how much it means to me; particularly those of you who do so week after week, and who share your own stories and news – it’s wonderful.

I took the decision early this year not to seek any publicity for the blog or to host advertising, so it continues as a very personal, low-key hobby. The result is that those who come here tend to stumble across it or hear by word of mouth and that, for me, is perfect; thank you to those who continue to come back each week, and a warm ‘hello’ if you’re a new reader.

As the year draws to a close, may I wish you a very, very Merry Christmas.  May your New Year bring you everything you wish for, and I’ll see you again in January; a couple of pounds heavier no doubt, but re-energised and inspired again for another year of making!

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