In previous years, Harry has embraced Easter preparations, gamely adorning himself with white glue, buttons and tissue paper, planting up eggshells with cress and gathering daffodils to give the house a Spring-like air.  This year, we both decided on a rather more low-maintenance approach which still allows us to display a bit of creative flair.

This year, we are…. Egg Pimping!!


Yes, OK, not a term you will find in any crafter’s bible, but I think a fair description of the art of taking a plain, shop-bought chocolate egg and decorating it with every conceivable edible adornment until it glitters, Faberge-like, looking unmistakably homemade but nonetheless attractive for all that.  We wanted to make Easter gifts for Harry’s teacher and grandmothers, so gathered together a good selection of icing pens, decorations and a few good chocolate eggs from the supermarket.  We removed all the packaging, washed our hands (I note that purely in case either grandmother ever reads this..), and began….


We used mini meringue sprinkles, giant fondant roses from Waitrose (they don’t look giant until you glue them to a smallish egg, then they look slightly freakish and Dali-esque.  We persevered). Also; wafer daisies (ughhh! these taste like paper!’ cried Harry in disgust, a wilting daisy stuck to his tongue), tiny icing carrots and pastel sugarpaste butterflies strong enough to break a tooth.  Trust me on this.


I helped Harry loop and drizzle the icing around the eggs, then he decorated them freely, each one slightly more embellished than the last (the one below was a restrained first attempt).

egg 3

I found these copper wire eggs baskets on sale at TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US) for £3 each…

egg 45

So once the eggs were dry, Harry carefully filled each basket with shredded tissue paper and placed an egg in each…

egg 48  egg 4

Which we finished with an excess of cellophane.  Truly an excess….


Have a great week!

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