Easter Collage

When I was small, I LOVED scissors.

Perhaps it was the frisson of danger and responsibility of being in charge of a pair of scissors; perhaps it was the clean swoosh of snipping, but whatever it was, I spent a good few years of my childhood just simply Cutting Things Out.  All around the house you could find the evidence of my hobby; newspapers missing crucial sections, magazines with headlines removed.  I passed by in a small drift of paper cuttings, oblivious to the destruction in my wake.

Last weekend I picked up a pair of scissors again and worked my way idly through a supermarket magazine, crafting a spring bird and its nest from the pages….

magazines for collage

I began by drawing the rough outline of a bird, and then cutting out an oval for the body and layering strips of paper for the wing;


…till it became this, with a bead glued on for the eye (the leaves are actual leaves from a photograph in the mag about spring gardens…)

Bird collage

For the nest, I cut out a plate-sized circle of brown paper and then simply placed layer after layer of slices over the top to form a nest, snipping out 2 inch long sections of anything brown or sandy or bluish-grey. I cut simple egg-shapes from the cover and used this punch to cut out the feather shapes


…until eventually, it looked like this!

Nest collage

I scanned the paper collages into my computer and gave them a backdrop to make a fun set of Easter cards for friends and family;

DIY Collage Easter cards


If you haven’t picked up a pair of scissors with the express purpose of Cutting and Snipping and Sticking for years, then I strongly suggest you give it a whirl – it was great fun, and required surprisingly little concentration (it’s hard to go wrong, so great to do whilst listening to music / waiting for dinner to cook / feigning interest in a long, rambling conversation about Pokemon Go, for example).

If you want a shortcut however, do feel free to download the hi-res image below (personal use only please), or the individual PDFs of the bird and its nest.

Have a wonderful weekend!

handbag logo

Bird collage

Nest collage

Easter Collage

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