Rather than decorating the house with a riotous explosion of seasonal colour this year I’ve opted for something more understated and calming. These Nordic-style baubles were a gorgeous local find, which I’ve strung with nylon thread and wooden beads to make ethereal, organic pendants.


The threading itself is a soothing pastime; a kind of rhythmic exercise in picking and threading, stringing and feeding……until the chain slips through your fingers, which it will do at least once, and you will curse un-festively as what sounds like hundreds of tiny beads scatter across the floor to destinations unknown.

But still, it is good practice in being zen and unflappable, which is always useful preparation for an extended family Christmas.


making notes…

  • The ideal thread for this is jewellery-beading thread; a kind of springy, taught nylon  that will be easily guided through the holes of beads.  You can use thin wire too, but might need to periodically straighten out your chain if the beads are lightweight.  Don’t use ordinary cotton; it will snap and fray and drive you insane (said the weary voice of experience…)
  • I bought a pack of mixed-size wooden beads (from amazon, but all good craft stores should sell them) and supplemented with what I already had.  Interspersing the wooden beads with tiny white pearl-like beads looks pretty and also helps to give definition to the chain
  • These look beautiful strung over (disused) fireplaces or in deep window frames, hanging between stair bannisters or simply on the wall.  Just make sure they are not likely to be either head-butted or grabbed by tiny hands!

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