Apologies to anyone reading this today (22/6); it was first posted in February and accidentally re-published during a site upgrade this morning!

Much is written about the challenges of parenthood, particularly early parenthood, but there is one topic on which I have yet to find words of wisdom; The Day Your Beloved Child Brings Home Their First Baking Project.  Carefully wrapped in a greasy, dog-eared paper bag, we received this culinary endeavour with appropriate awe and exclamations of pride; ‘You MADE this? wow! All by yourself? Amazing!’ …but it rapidly became clear that words were not enough.

We took a tentative, doughy mouthful each and chewed methodically for some minutes before Harry lost interest, returning some while later to say ‘I licked it already Mummy, it’s yucky’.  Mm-Mmmmm.

This anecdote caused great hilarity on my return to the nursery this morning, where the teacher exclaimed ‘My god, you actually tried to eat it? Are you crazy? Do you know where their hands have been??’  At this point she shuddered, before issuing the final, killing line; ‘Besides, Harry wasn’t bothered about making these, he played with trains instead. You got one of the communal ones’.

Dear God.  This, by the way, is a Cheesy Hedgehog, as if it wasn’t blatantly obvious. I must pass on the recipe to Nigella…