As I write, swathed in 4 layers of clothing and with an oil-fired heater cranking and spluttering at my ankles (searing hot ankles, since you ask; the rest of me is numb), the temperature outside is minus 2 degrees, and a focus on instant mood lifters seemed appropriate.  My 3 best recent discoveries, all under £50, are perfect for days like today when you just need a little something special to put a spring in your metaphorical step.  John Lewis has just started stocking candles from the delectable Herve Gambs, and Bois de Cashmere is in my view the most decadent and best… I won’t ramble like an amateur parfumiere, but suffice to say it is woody and fresh and cottony and just pretty damned expensive smelling, and adds a literal whiff of luxury to any room.  Once the room is sorted, it’s time to focus on self and Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe varnish is my winter bling – despised by husband and probably all sensible men, it is nonetheless a girl’s dream, radiating sparkle and jauntiness with every gesture you make.  Use sparingly over a pale blue base to avoid the full-on peacock effect…  and finally a more tactical choice; the Hunter pompom scarf.  Begging to be wrapped at least twice round your neck, this has so far gone with everything I’ve tried it with, and has even been co-worn by my son during an evening on the sofa; there’s certainly enough to go around.  And with 5 colours to choose from, it would be foolish to limit yourself to just one… *sigh*